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Lower body injuries and rehab with Uzo Ehiogu

In this podcast, Maddy talks to Uzo Ehiogu, a physiotherapist, lecturer and strength and conditioning coach, about lower limb injuries in climbing. With an increasing amount of information about injuries in climbing, we find ourselves swimming in content focused on the upper body (shoulders, elbows, fingers). This is understandable given the nature of climbing, however, it can lead us to neglect the lower body when it comes to understanding injuries and strength development. The lower body plays a huge role in tension in climbing and in this podcast Uzo discusses:

  • The common lower limb injuries in climbing
  • The mechanisms of injury in the lower body when climbing
  • Differences between approaching acute and chronic injuries
  • How to approach rehabilitation back to full strength
  • Differences between lower limb injuries in climbing compared to other sports such as football
  • Methods for developing strength for heel hooks after injury (or before!)

Uzo is the lead clinician at Inside Edge Physiotherapy,  a physiotherapy clinic for climbers based in Birmingham (UK) at the Depot Climbing Centre:

Uzo is also an author and co-author of book chapters in The Shoulder Theory and Practice (High performance rehabilitation for the climbing athlete),  and Climbing Medicine – A practical guide  (Chapter 21 Injury prevention, Chapter 20 Climbing rehabilitation).

And if you enjoyed those reads, then also take a look at his peer reviewed journals on climbing injuries and speed climbing training:

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