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Training Talk with Dave MacLeod – Interview with a Climbing Legend, Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of this interview with the climbing legend Dave MacLeod. This week Lattice coach Maddy delved even deeper into Dave’s climbing and training approach, by diving straight into chatting about his famous nutrition based experiments and approaches to balancing a keto diet with his own training and climbing.

 We also hear more about Dave’s personal standpoints on nutrition and the mental aspects related to dieting, particularly in the climbing world.

 As providers of nutrition services and information to the climbing community, we know all too well about the risks and the strong feelings that can be attached to dieting*, especially alongside high intensity training, so this is also covered in this interview.

Don’t forget to catch up on Part 1, where Dave and Maddy discussed;

📌Dave’s approach to training and climbing
📌How he applies his understanding of science to his practice
📌How the mental side of climbing evolved for him
📌His process on hard climbs and headpoints
📌The consideration of specificity in training for climbing goals
📌Stepping things up to 9a+ 🔥

*Please note that nutrition is highly individual and if you are struggling with disordered eating you should seek the help of a qualified professional.

The Lattice jingle is brought to you by Devin Dabney, music producer of the outdoor industry who also hosts the American Climbing Project

1 response to “Training Talk with Dave MacLeod – Interview with a Climbing Legend, Part 2

  1. I listined to
    latest podcast with dave mc loed!
    Somehow the audio quality is really bad listened to other podcast of lattice too and audio / recording was bad as well! Also the lenght with over 3h is questionable… please take this as constructive feedback not as a complain.
    I love your topics and the training app!

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