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Climbing My First 5.14a: A Story of Progress & Training (Part 1)

In this Podcast, Tom Randall has a chat with Adam Fiala, which is going to be quite different from anything you’ve heard on the Lattice Podcast before. We will have both a narrated interview and an insightful chat into the journey that our client took with us to climb his first f8b+ (5.14 USA route grade).

This comprehensive look into his training and performance will have us read out some of the stages of his journey directly from his blog. Plus some teasing out of ideas to see if Adam gives a bit more information of what it is like working with us at Lattice.

Because Adam has written such an in-depth piece of writing about his climbing, we’re going to split this interview into 2 parts.  Also, we would like to give credit to David Goggins audible book for the concept of narration with an interview, as it is an absolutely brilliant format.

Lastly, we just want to let you know about the 2 variations of Adam’s blog – there’s the full unedited version on his own website and a condensed version in 2 parts on our website. There is always so much we can learn from understanding the experience of others, so we hope you enjoy this episode.

  1. Adam’s climbing and training history 
  2. Common misconceptions of working with a coach 
  3. Details of Performance profiling
  4. Lattice’s different approach to training
  5. Nutrition behind Adam’s training, and his fears of weight gain
  6. Training programme details
  7. Details on his project attempts 
  8. The hard truth about training

Link to Adam’s Blog:

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