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Eric Horst: A Founding Father of Modern Training Theory for Climbing

This episode is a BIG one! We’ve got on the show today, Eric Horst, one of the original founding fathers of modern training theory for climbing and a total legend of the climbing world in general…. This episode is going to be hardcore training and more training! 

In many ways, what we’ve tried to achieve at Lattice has been built upon the foundation of work, theory and practice of climbers like Eric who have made a significant contribution to the industry’s knowledge via books, podcasts, videos and many articles. 

As there’s an almost unlimited amount of items we’d like to cover in this interview, we’ve tried to distil down Eric’s knowledge, opinion and experience into a number of ‘big ticket’ items that relate to many of us, when it comes to climbing training and performance. Sit back, grab yourself a cup of tea and enjoy… 

Key topics in this episode:

  1. Endurance
  2. Strength
  3. Performance Profiling 
  4. Fingerboarding
  5. System boards

For anything related to PhysiVantage please check out Eric’s in-depth website over at:

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