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Magnus Midtbø Q&A With Lattice Training

We were lucky enough last week to grab the climbing star and YouTube phenomenon of Magnus Midtbø for a moment out of his hectic schedule to sit down and run a Q&A session for Lattice with Tom Randall.

In the fun and informal interview, we’ve got Tom and Magnus tackling all sorts of questions related to both running a big YouTube channel and also his own personal climbing and training. What many people don’t appreciate, is that Magnus effectively runs a full-time job (or more!) whilst also being a high-level climber, so his story is a lot more relevant to the rest of us than we often realise!

Let us know if you enjoyed this shorter style fun chat or whether you’d like more hardcore training content! Your wish is generally our command! If you’d like to learn more about Magnus’ own merchandise you can find him all over YouTube and Instagram!

Find out more about our Lattice Training Plans here:

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