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Resilient and Flexible minds: Interview with Lor Sabourin

In todays episode, Tom Randall sits down with Lor Sabourin, who is an unwavering advocate for the non-binary and trans community in climbing, and has a lot to share. Their work in Warriorsway is very valuable, equipping climbers with resilient and flexible minds to deal with stress and anxiety. These mental tools are not just useful for climbers but can come in handy for everyday life.

Tom and Lor met through the trad community in USA, with both having a common interest in crack climbing.  Lor keeps crushing outdoor climbing, as they are not only a training leader for Warriorsway, but also a rock guide and professional climber who has climbed up to 5.14, with some pretty scary sends.

So, if you’re interested in some food for thought, take a listen to today’s podcast and let us know if you enjoyed it!

Main topics:

  • How Warriors way helped them with their fear of falling
  • Mental Toughness VS Mental agility
  • How to tackle controllable and uncontrollable factors in climbing
  • Realistic climbing journaling
  • Limits VS Boundaries
  • Tips on fear of falling

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