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The Lattice & Nugget Climbing Podcast Episode

Steven Dimmitt AKA ‘The Nugget Climbing Podcast’ is the founder and owner of one of the hottest (and most interesting) interview shows in the climbing industry right now. It has only been going just over 2yrs but has already had a huge impact on the climbing community and features tonnes of well-chosen and crafted interviews with pros, coaches and climbing personalities.  

His show has featured some of the great climbers of all time and clients we’ve also tested or trained ourselves – including people like Ben Moon, Hazel Findlay and Steve McClure. Steven was also a client of ours at Lattice, some years ago, but connected with us again recently with Tom Randall as a guest on his own show. 

This got us thinking, if we’ve got someone who’s spent the last 2 years interviewing some of the world’s best climbers and most interesting members of the community, then surely he’s observed some patterns and commonalities between all these individuals? 

In this episode, Tom chats to Steven about some of the guests on the show, how he pulls information from his sources and has utilised it in his own climbing or with his own clients and finally what he’s learnt from his experiences of living and working on the road whilst trying to perform. 

Find out more about Steven’s podcast here and his Patreon here
You can also find him on Instagram 

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