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Climbing My First 5.14: Anna Hazelnutt | Ask Lattice

For anyone, climbing 5.14 is a big dream. It’s a big grade, it’s a big barrier and one that many feel is utterly out of their range.

We sat Tom Randall down with US sport climber Anna Hazelnutt to talk about how she got to the mighty 5.14a (8b+) in just 8 years of climbing and why her recent successes are just the start.

In this latest podcast, we delve into Anna’s projecting process, what her relationship with training has been and how she also pursues a variety of climbing disciplines over the years.

As a graduate in neuroscience, her approach is often a very thoughtful one (plenty for us to all learn from!) and interestingly her path to high-end climbing started in earnest with quitting her 9-5 and moving abroad to climb…

You can find her YouTube channel here: Anna Hazelnutt YouTube

Her Instagram account is @annahazelnutt

Buckle in for an interesting interview Latticers!

Photo cover credit: @austinkeithphoto

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