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Weak performance metrics, but elite performance? An Interview with SwizzyBouldering Part 1

On a rare occasion, you get a climber who has climbed impressive grades, but their performance metrics put them on weaker grades. Typically this means that the climber has something special or elite about another facet of their performance, away from pure physiology. And what better way to understand this better than for Tom Randall to sit down with Martin Keller, who is also known as ‘SwizzyBouldering’, to talk about how he approaches his projecting and has become one of these rare cases.

Today’s podcast will be about all things projecting, and how strategy, mindset, and technical preparation to deal with the exact physical demands of the rock can help you send harder!

We hope you enjoy it, and remember to keep an eye out for part 2.

Main topics:

  • Deciding on a project
  • How early do you visit a project and try the moves?
  • What is your strategy for breaking it down?
  • Do you use certain tools that others don’t? Fans, ladder, rope?
  • What’s important for mindset in projecting?

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