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Power and sustainability with Dr Steve Thompson

In this podcast Maddy talks to Steve Thompson from Sheffield Hallam University about power and how we may approach developing our power for climbing.
Power is an element of training that can cause a lot of confusion, yet it is an attribute that many climbers put on a high pedestal and seek to improve. Steve explains what power is and how we can best think about power when it comes to sports (and climbing). He talks about the big picture approach to developing power in a sustainable way, as well as different ways in which this may be integrated into a person’s training:

  • The definition of power and how we can think about this in a sport context
  • The relationship between force and velocity
  • Intention and monitoring training
  • Approaches for developing power
  • Intention in training

In case of any questions, Steve is contactable on Twitter (@steve381), Research Gate (Steve Thompson) and via email ([email protected])

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