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Struggling with BIG moves?

Struggling with big moves is a common problem!

This is one of the most common concerns that we see with climbers joining us for training support. Typically, they’re great at moving around on small crimpy holds as long as it’s not too steep, or they can do anything as long as they can match holds.

This type of climber also tends to have a more static style of movement and very rarely cuts loose or uses techniques such as the “the pogo”.

What can you do?

1. Investigate!

Firstly, you’ve got to work out why failure/inefficiencies are occurring.

This will be a combination of climbing & training history (AKA movement skills!), shoulder strength, aspects of body tension (posterior and anterior) and momentum carry.

2. Assess

Secondly, you need to make an assessment of what to FOCUS on.

Rarely, in our experience, does a climber do well when they try and spread themselves too thin. Make a calculated decision of what element in your “big move issue” that you’re going to work on and commit to it!!

3. Train

Lastly, as you develop both movement engrams and strength, be careful to intelligently apply this to your climbing in a sport-specific way. Don’t just hammer the gym S&C work for a year.

Periodise your approach, regularly re-assess and ask for feedback from those around you. Our Facebook community group is also a great place for this and we all know that everyone loves to watch each other’s videos!

Practice Makes Perfect!

We have many comp climbers in our coaching team and this is something that Lattice coach and international comp climber Jen Wood is all too familiar with, as she has spent 1000s of hours refining her craft. Whilst it may appear that ‘pros’ in this style of climbing are just ‘naturally good’ it’s still all about hard work, consistency, focus and a good feedback loop.

Technique Videos

Looking for some technique videos to help you understand the movement involved?

Head to our YouTube channel and look for our playlist ‘Improve Climbing Technique’ for loads of videos, from mastering dynamic movement, footwork drills, to heel hooks, twisting and projecting!

Any advice on tackling big moves for your fellow climbers?

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