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How to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Climbing This Winter

Winter is here  – at least it is in the UK! – and with it, winter has brought those coveted crisp days, perfect for climbing.

However, with our busy lives, seasonal festivities and bad weather days, it feels like these perfect climbing days are few and far between!

So, here’s how to make the most of your winter climbing days outdoors:

Before climbing…

Control the controllable 

Set yourself up for success by controlling what you can.

Check the weather, get a good night’s sleep and pack the essentials – especially enough warm clothes!

Ensuring you’re physically and mentally prepared sets a positive tone for the climbing day ahead.

During the day…

Pace yourself

Make sure to take good rests between attempts. It can be very easy to jump back on too soon, but this can lead to burning out and wearing through skin quickly.

Taking time to brush holds and remove your shoes between attempts can be a good way to ensure you’re resting adequately. Or even set a timer!

Be intentional – no wasted goes!

Approach each attempt with intention, be that a specific link or testing out new beta. 

Visualise your sequence beforehand so that you aren’t trying to remember on the fly.

Skin – Be preemptive, not reactive!

On problems where skin becomes a limiting factor, be proactive and tape up on warm up/working goes.

Whilst tape can sometimes be frustrating to climb with, this measure can save your skin for link and send attempts where maximum friction is crucial.

Regular fuelling throughout 

Make sure to keep your energy levels topped up throughout your session with a mix of simple sugars and complex carbs.

And, of course: stay hydrated! This is especially easy to forget on colder days.

After climbing…

Reflection and learning

Progress and development doesn’t end once you’ve finished climbing. Make sure to reflect on your session afterwards.

What did you learn?  What worked well? What can be improved?

Every session – no matter how ‘successful’ – is an opportunity to improve as a climber.

Try to take away at least 1 ‘little win’ from every session. 

What do you do to make the most of your winter sessions?

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