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Maintenance Training – The Golden Circle (Why, How, What)

Written by Maddy Cope With lockdown restrictions lifting and climbers heading back out to the crag with the aim of putting their new fingerboard scores to the test, there is a lot of discussion about the balance between training and climbing outside. However, this issue is not a new one (albeit the contrast has been […]

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Entrevista con Sara Díez: 3 Ciclos de Lattice Training con los Lite Plans

Sara Díez es una de nuestras clientes frecuentes de los Lite Plans. Ella lleva 3 ciclos consecutivos de 12 semanas con nosotros. Durante este tiempo, ella ha estado trabajando duro y consistente para adquirir excelentes resultados. Nosotros vemos grandes beneficios al largo periodo de entrenamiento que seguimos con cada individuo ¡A esos periodos que planificamos […]