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We Asked 6 STRONG Climbers How To Train Finger Strength

We can all agree finger strength is the No.1 attribute for climbing performance…

It’s no wonder everybody talks about finger strength training and the endless training sessions and tools that exist, but this can also make it a bit overwhelming when it comes to knowing what is best?! 

We thought it would be great to sit down with some of the best climbers in the UK (and who have some of the strongest fingers!) to ask them a few questions. We unravel their years of experience and wisdom to uncover some important lessons, which we can all learn from. 

What was really nice about this set of mini-interviews is that some common themes emerged and actually made finger strength training start to sound quite simple 🙂. So if you want to skip ahead 10 years of finger strength training you need to watch this video 👀

The questions I asked were:
1. What is your overall approach/theme to finger strength training?
2. What is your favourite exercise for finger strength?
3. What is one thing you’ve learned that you can pass on to us?
4. What is one mistake you’ve made that we should avoid?

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