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DEDICATION: The World is Yours 8C/V15 – A Rock Climbing Film

The World is Yours (8C/V15)

This is a story about dedication and perseverance!

Jonny Kydd, climber and coach here at Lattice Training, spent 6 years and over 100 sessions to do what he considered to be an impossible line, embarking on this journey he slowly learnt the art of what’s possible…

His history with this climb goes way back, several years, when he set his sights on the king line of the cave – The World is Yours 8C/V15

This journey pushed Jonny to his limit in many ways and this story follows his attempts to level up each year while battling UK weather conditions, alongside COVID restrictions and a bat ban during the prime seasons for climbing 🦇

This extraordinary story showcases the passion and commitment to the process of projecting and how trying to continually climb at your limit can unlock your true potential! 🔓 

NB: Access is permitted from May – September only each year due to hibernating bats. Make sure to check the BMC access information for Biblins Cave:…

If you need a climbing inspiration and motivational fix – then you need to watch this video now! 

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