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VIDEO | Top 5 Habits of Pro Climbers

In this weeks video, Tom and Ollie discuss the top five habits of pro climbers; habits that they have seen across the board in a number of professional climbers, and that you can replicate into your own life and climbing to be better athletes. Here’s a summary of what they spoke about:

  • Consistency – the importance of consistency in training and performance across the years. Building a solid pyramid of experience, training and performance to create a base for consistent progression. This also means not letting injury break that consistency, or staying relatively injury-free through your climbing career.
  • Intensity – the ability to train at that top 1% of your limit. Changing your mindset and training your body to be able to push into that high-intensity consistently.
  • Adaptability – most pro-climbers have a huge willingness to learn and adapt; the ability to acknowledge a weakness and commit to improve in that particular area.
  • Commitment – committing to goals no matter your mood on a day-to-date basis. It can help to externalise these goals to friends and family, or you may want to – as Tom says – ‘let it brew’ for weeks, months or even years before you are fully ready to commit to a plan or project.
  • Dealing with setbacks – whether you’re suffering from an injury, not having a good session, or have certain events that may cause turbulence in your life, it’s important to not let these thing get in the way of your goals. Many professional athletes frame setbacks in a different way; to instead be seen as an opportunity to improve in a certain area.

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