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Nutrition for Climbing | Webinar

Originally aired at 7:30pm BST 17th June 2020

Nutrition for Climbing

In this webinar Mina Leslie-Wujastyk shares her knowledge as a qualified Nutritionist and professional climber.  As an elite climber who works with other athletes in the sport, Mina has a huge insight into the strategies that climbers use to manage their nutritional needs. In this webinar Mina will give practical advice and offer guidance to the audience on how they may address their nutritional needs and perform at their best.

Hot topic 1: Carbohydrate needs for climbing

Hot topic 2: Weight loss for climbing – Is it wise or necessary?

Open topics: By request, answered live in the webinar

Both topics 1 & 2 are run by Mina as a discussion with the host Ollie Torr on the best advice for climbers within these two areas. Each topic includes a Q&A section so you are able to delve deeper.

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