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Nutritional Supplements For Climbers: The Big Questions

Ok, let’s just say the most important thing first here – supplementation in climbing (or any other sport, or perhaps we can just say life in general!) should become something to really dive into WHEN you have other key areas of your health and nutrition taken care of. If you’re not fuelling correctly, in general, don’t expect a supplement to solve that. If you’re trying to operate on 5hrs of sleep a night, don’t expect supplements to solve that. If you’re hoping to train 7 days a week, never rest and not be sensible, then don’t expect supplements to solve that! 

Right, now that we’ve got the essentials discussed, let’s get into the detail! Another fascinating bit of discussion with our nutritionist Mina and Premium Coach, Maddy who specialise in work in these areas with their clients (nutrition, hormone cycles, efficacy etc). They tackle one of the big topics right at the start, which we often get questions about – Creatine! Is it useful, could it be relevant to climbers training and performing? They also tackle some other great subjects around food cravings, hormone cycles and maximising gains with minimal time (yup, that last one’s a tough one!).

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