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An Interview with British Climbing Legend Steve Mcclure; Mindset, Finger Strength and Lockdown


In today’s YouTube and podcast episode we have none other than Steve Mcclure who is one of the all-time greats of British climbing. We don’t say this lightly either, because it takes a lot to cross the borders and generations of time.

Steve has been operating right at the cutting edge for 25 years or so – this means there’s a LOT of experience AND knowledge on what works when it comes to process and performance! He’s redpointed up to 9b (Rainman), multiple 9a repeats and FAs, many of the hardest trad routes in the UK up to E10/11, bigwall adventures, international competition performances… it’s a lot!

Tom sits down with Steve in this episode to take on a broad range of topics around his career in climbing – all the way from mindset, to finger strength, to training during lockdown, to methods for “the older climber” to differences between inside and outside climbing. Fascinating stuff! Grab yourself a cup of tea (Yorkshire hopefully) and get ready for some amazing insights into three decades of climbing at the limit.

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