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Training For Trad Climbers with Mary Eden (@tradprincess)

In our latest podcast episode, Tom Randall was joined by Mary Eden aka @tradprincess to talk about how she trains, prepares and performs for trad climbing.

Mary has been working with Lattice and coach @jenwood435 for a couple of years and has steadily progressed from her first 5.12 in the summer of 2018 to her first 5.13 in mid 2019!

From there, she’s gone on to complete multiple 5.13 ascents in various crack styles, including some of the best runs of “offwidth form” that have ever been witnessed in the US scene.

Mary talks about her process for preparing physically, mentally and technically for her hardest sends – including general preparation for climbing trips/seasons. She also shares her experiences with how much sport climbing and bouldering has improved her trad climbing.

If you’d like to read more about Mary, you find a further interview with her on our here: ‘Overcoming Training Scepticism’.

Photo by: @bigbeautypitches

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