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Worst Training Habits? Coaching Discussion!

In climbing, training and coaching, there are many pitfalls – although, possibly this isn’t a big surprise considering that our sport is fairly complex! In this video, we had Ella and Ollie sit down and get into some of those subjects that many of us as coaches have worked with over the years and also some that are REALLY relevant given the current climate!

1. What is the most disruptive habit to training, that most climbers have?

2. How do I choose a goal with an unknown future of travel?

3. How do we, as coaches, keep notes on training?

4. How should you deal with Lockdown weight gain?

We hope that some of these will help you through the weeks and months ahead this year, and others are just plain, good subjects to be discussed any time of the year 😁

Find out more about our Lattice Training Plans here:

Find out more about our Lattice Training Plans here:

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