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Interview with The Bodyweight Warrior: Tom Merrick

On this episode, we have guest host Lattice coach Josh Hadley with Tom Merrick – who you may well know from YouTube! Tom has an amazing 8-year fitness journey in callisthenics and flexibility and is not only a great inspiration online with all of his drills and training, but is also a coach and specialist in bodyweight skills.  This kind of training and sport not only provides great strength and flexibility, but also control of your body and movement, which can be hugely transferable in climbing, whilst breaking away from traditional forms of training. 

In this episode we cover:

  • How Tom became a Coach and Athlete
  • Biggest flexibility mistakes
  • Tips for breaking the struggling cycle and making progress
  • How much flexibility do we actually need
  • Risks associated with flexibility
  • One-arm pull-ups and front levers

The Lattice jingle is brought to you by Devin Dabney, music producer of the outdoor industry who also hosts the American Climbing Project.

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