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Pro Climber Interview: Caro Ciavaldini on Pregnancy and Life As a Climbing Mum

In the climbing world, we don’t often get to watch pro athletes transition from pre-children to post-children with such a willingness to share with honesty and candour. Caro Ciavaldini is a North Face Pro Athlete who’s operated at the cutting edge of sport, trad, and competition climbing for a large part of her life. From competition success (twice 3rd in Lead World Cup) to trad climbing (multiple E9s) at the cutting edge, her journey has also crossed some major life boundaries AKA becoming a mother!

In this rarely addressed topic, coach Mina talks to Caro about her experiences with pregnancy, post-partum training, climbing with young children, and how she feels about risk. If you’re someone who’s interested in this topic or perhaps working through your own experiences with parenthood, you’re going to enjoy this one!

Make sure you also go and follow Caro’s social channel over at “OnceUponAClimb” as she and her husband James continually document their experiences in such a cool and open way. We’re big fans over at Lattice!

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