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How To Make Climbing Training Fun

What training is fun for you?

Do you love those hard board sessions? Or are you an enduro-wad? Maybe you like lifting weights?

Why is it it important that we make training fun?

It’s so important to make sure training is fun!

  1. You’re more likely to actually do it.
  2. It will create positive associations between you and your physicality when climbing.
  3. Let’s face it – why do something you’re not enjoying?

The things we love in training are often the things at which we excel… which means, they’re probably not the priority when training. However, they ARE the things that got us where we are today and they are the things that help us enjoy training which is very important!

How to do you bring fun into your training?

  1. Train with friends – Community is key and sharing a session with a friend can be a great way to keep the fun factor high as well as pushing each other to get the most out of it. 
  1. Set yourself training goals – This can really help motivate you for sessions where you feel a little lost or like you need some direction – have a mini-goal that you are heading for and make it SMART.
  1. Plan your week with fun in mind – Put your most fun sessions on the days when you might find motivation a little more scarce. Put your least favourite sessions on days or at times when you know you’ll have a little more spring to your step to see you through. 

What if my training doesn’t feel fun?

Ultimately, if it really feels like a chore, scrap it.

That might be a bit controversial but there is a season for everything; a season in life for trying hard and a season in life for resting up/not pushing it

Pay attention and make sure you aren’t pushing yourself too much when it’s just not the right time; training not being fun can be a clear sign of this. 

How do you keep your training fun?

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