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What should women train for rock climbing?

In 2021, Lattice COO Dr Dave Giles published a paper exploring the anthropometry (body proportions) and performance characteristics of female climbers, specifically looking at a…

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What is endurance training in climbing?

Endurance training is probably one of the most misunderstood aspects of training for climbing. We think that, because we fall off when we’re ‘pumped’, we…

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Mindset & Mental Training | Training Tips

How to get the most out of BIG DAYS OUT!

Big days out climbing can be hard to manage! We often have big goals for big days. So here are 5 tips to help you…

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Mindset & Mental Training | Training Tips | Videos

How to Overcome A Plateau in Climbing

In your first couple of years of climbing, it’s likely you’re going to hit a plateau. For lots of people, this happens somewhere between V3-V6….

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Menopause | Older Climbers | Strength & Power | Training Tips | Women's Training Series

Strength Training for Menopausal Climbers

The menopause is an age-dependent physiological change that results from the decline in estrogen and progesterone, resulting in cessation of the menstrual cycle. The period…

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Research & Data | Videos

How to Measure Good Technique: Measuring Movement Efficiency with Force Plates

How do you know if you have bad or good technique? Is climbing efficiency the measure? Here at Lattice Training, we attempted to answer these…

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Mindset & Mental Training | Training Tips

6 Mindset Tips for Successful Projecting

Do you struggle with your mindset when projecting? Now that bouldering season is here in the UK, we’re all excited to jump back on the…

By Matt Broadhurst

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Finger Strength | Videos

How to get finger strength like Aidan Roberts? The Vacuum Style!

Do you want strong fingers like Aidan Roberts? Then you might want to learn his ‘Vacuum Style’ of climbing! Aidan Roberts is known as one…

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How to Avoid Injuries in Climbing (2 Top Tips!)

How do we avoid climbing injuries? James Walker (Sheffield Climbing Clinic) is here to share the two main strategies to avoiding injuries from climbing. Together…

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How do I strengthen my wrists for climbing?

Do you hate slopers? Then you might have weak wrists! If you feel like you wrists are holding you back, here’s some exercises you can…

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