Author: Tom Randall

Interview by Tom Randall “This interview was carried out as the result of a Facebook Messenger conversation – it was one of those days where I realised how psyched the person I was chatting to was and I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to get that down on paper!   I’ve known Iggi through our […]

In this episode Tom discusses some questions from the facebook group on bouldering. Topics covered include: Habits, patterns and approaches surrounding overtraining. Post-activation potentiation. Is it useful? How to train for big dynamic moves as a smaller climber The importance of energy systems training Strategies for working projects on 1 week trips The best balance […]

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One of the privileges of working with thousands of climbers and their plans over the last 10 years is that you get to pick out patterns and habits that cause certain results. We obviously all know that everyone’s a little different from the next person, but there are some key behaviours that we’ve seen leading […]

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