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Tips From the Top: Working on your Weaknesses

We have Lattice Athlete Nicolas Cioffi here today to share his top tips on how he improved his finger strength and become a better all-round climber!

“Finger strength has been my physical weakness for a long period and in the first quarantine, I focused my routine on a hangboard schedule to improve my finger strength.”

I went from barely hanging on the 20 mm with one arm for 6 sec, to doing 2 one arm pull ups on 12 mm, or dead hand on the 4 mm for 15 sec; these are just numbers but seeing how far you can go with a little dedication opened my eyes.

I think that a good “climbing machine” has many parts, in my case fingers were the “weak ring” and your weaknesses limits you in a big way even if every other aspect is on point. Now fingers are my strength and all of my climbing has improved!

Some tips for working on your finger strength, from my own experience:

✅Be patient
✅Consistency is the key
✅Work on every kind of hold and grip
✅Take care of your skin
✅Bad days are part of the game
✅Work both one and two arms
✅Warm-up perfectly
✅Less but better

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