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Sport Climbing: Top 10 Projecting Strategies for beginners and intermediate

If you’re new to projecting or reasonably experienced at redpointing, then this episode is for you! In this episode, we have Tom Randall giving his experience and advice on how to increase the chances of a successful tick this season, via his ‘Top 10’ strategies. 

Tom is no stranger to projecting, having had hundreds of successful redpoints over the last two decades including many multi-year projects. The approaches that you hear Tom explain in this podcast are ones which are directed mainly at beginner to intermediate climbers, but may also be missing strategies that some of you advanced climbers out there haven’t considered.

Here’s the lineup of the top 10 strategies discussed:

  1. Energy wasting and conservation
  2. Clipsticks
  3. YouTube and video beta
  4. Using tiredness to your advantage
  5. Brushing as a method for familiarisation
  6. End-of-day recaps
  7. Learning your rests
  8. Route maps and topos
  9. Using early lead attempts for mental improvements
  10. Choking and the use of ‘top down’ links

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