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Lattice Training Podcast – Top 5 Interviews

Cover Image: Athlete Staša Gejo, photo by @mattwoidy

Here at Lattice we are all about climbing training talk and sharing advice in the community, 2 things that are available in abundance on our Lattice Training Podcast! So, with that in mind we’ve put together our top 5 must listen to Lattice Training Podcast interviews. Providing hours of brilliant training talk from some absolute climbing legends, as well as loads of tips and recommendations from these industry experts to incorporate into your own climbing and training.

1. Dave MacLeod – Interview with a climbing legend, part 1 of 2

If you’re familiar with Dave Macleod you might well know, that he loves to deep dive (and we mean deep!) into training concepts. So pull up a chair and tune into this in depth discussion with Dave and Lattice coach Maddy Cope as they dive into his approaches to climbing and his oh so famous: nutrition. Really diving into the science behind his strategy to achieve goals. Also, this one was so in-depth that it’s a two-part podcast, so be sure to tune in to hear all about Dave’s nutrition experiments and training regime.

List to part one here.

2. Yves Gravelle – A legend in finger strength

Yves is very well known as having potentially the strongest fingers in the world, Yves, Gravelle has demonstrated in both the lifting and, climbing world how hard work and dedication can help you reach high. Having to balance a family life, and full-time job, he still manages to compete internationally and be one of those athletes in the top 0.0001% of their game. In this podcast episode, he talks with Lattice coach and founder Tom Randall about how he balances it all, despite limited time and resources.

Listen to the full episode here.

3. Stefano Ghisolfi – Talks finger strength, training and projecting

Having redpointed various 9b+’s and won IFSC world cups, in this episode Stefano Ghisolfi sits down with Tom Randall to talk about personal strategies and how to set a successful path for yourself. Thus, this conversation dives into playing with your strengths and understanding how to build a solid grade pyramid for your long-term performance.

Catch up on the episode here.

4. Aidan Roberts – Alphane (V17) 2nd ascent and Burden of Dreams strategies

Remember when Aidan sent Alphane and became the second person to send this infamous V17? Tom Randall managed to sit down with Aidan Roberts fresh off Alphane (9A/V17) to find out more about what went into this historic send! This proves to be a rather inspirational discussion, on all the hard work that goes into such an epic send. Plus Aidan also shared a little bit about his future projects and goals…

Listen to the full interview with Aidan Roberts here.

5. Staša Gejo – Pro climber talks weight control, finger strength and more!

Having stood in every position – gold, silver and bronze – across some of the most important competitions in the world, in this episode Staša Gejo talks with Tom Randall about her story and how she managed such an impressive track record. Staša is also a big advocate of being transparent on social media, having a youtube channel and Instagram where she communicates her thoughts on ongoing occurrences in the climbing scene, most recently with the topic of weight and nutrition.

Full interview with Staša and Tom here.

These are just a handful of our interviews on the Lattice Training Podcast, to check out our full library head to our podcast page or search ‘Lattice Training’ on your preffered podcast channel (Apple, Amazon, Stitcher, Spotify etc).

Anyone missing that you would like to see interviewed? Drop us a comment below to let us know who you want to see on next!

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