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Resilience and Overcoming Setbacks: Interview With Anoushé Husain

Anoushé Husain is a paraclimber who we’ve been planning to interview for sometime now, but as will become apparent when you listen to this video-podcast,…

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Podcast | Pregnancy & Post-Pregnancy | Women's Training Series

Pro Climber Interview: Caro Ciavaldini on Pregnancy and Life As a Climbing Mum

In the climbing world, we don’t often get to watch pro athletes transition from pre-children to post-children with such a willingness to share with honesty…

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Interviews | Podcast

Interview: James Pearson – Climbing at The Cutting Edge

James Pearson almost needs no introduction. He is one of the foremost trad climbing experts in the world, with a tick list that is both…

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Endurance | Finger Strength | Podcast | Strength & Power

Structuring Climbing Training: Session Length, Training Orders & Managing Workload

We’ve got Tom and Ollie on the Ask Lattice sofa again answering some of the biggest questions around how to structure climbing training – this…

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Nutritional Supplements For Climbers: The Big Questions

Ok, let’s just say the most important thing first here – supplementation in climbing (or any other sport, or perhaps we can just say life…

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Mindset & Mental Training | Podcast

Climbing Psychology: Falling, Fear & Heights

Fear in climbing isn’t just about falling…. it can actually be much broader and diverse in its effect when you really think about it. Sure,…

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Mindset & Mental Training | Podcast

Climbing Mental Games: How To Control Fear And Other Topics

Following up from Maddy and Tom’s “Mind Games” webinar, we’ve got them both sitting down on the Lattice Sofa discussing more of their experiences and…

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Mindset & Mental Training | Podcast | Women's Training Series

Training For Female Climbers

We’ve got another female athlete-specific “ask Lattice” video for you! This time, we’ve got Maddy Cope and Tom Randall sat in the hot seat answering…

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Podcast | Strength & Power

Climbing Training For Older Climbers

Training climbers in their 50s, 60s and 70s is something that we’ve done for many years at Lattice. Lots of climbers in this bracket are…

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Nutrition | Podcast | Strength & Power

The Climber’s Body: Staying Light vs Gaining Muscle Mass

Ok kicking off with a hot topic in this video – staying lighting vs getting strong? It’s an age old discussion topic amongst climbers in…

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